You want to protect your pet in every way you can.  Keeping your pet’s vaccines up to date and getting annual health check-ups are important steps in ensuring your pet’s health and happiness.

You can help keep your pet healthy and happy through:

Routine Health Check-ups

At your pet’s annual check-up, you can expect a full physical examination by the doctor and time allotted to ask important questions about your pet’s health.

Regular Vaccinations

At the Vegreville Veterinary Clinic, we take your pet’s health seriously and follow the American Academy of Feline Practitioners and American Animal Hospital Association Guidelines for vaccine protocols for your pet.

Regular Deworming

It is very important that pets are dewormed and treated for fleas regularly.

As there are a wide variety of dewormers on the market, it is always a good idea to follow the advice and guidance of Vegreville Veterinary Clinic when choosing a dewormer that is best suited for your pet – the type of worm present as well your pet’s age, size and present health condition.

Balanced Nutrition/Diet

Nutrition is important to your pets’ health. It is important to learn what your pet needs to stay healthy, happy and active. The staff at Vegreville Veterinary Clinic can advise you on the diet best suited to your pet.


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Our family has two beagles, and we have been clients at the Vegreville Veterinary Clinic for five years. All the members of their team are so dedicated and compassionate. One of our beagles had a ripped stitch following a dental procedure. The dog’s mouth was bleeding a fair bit, but it was Sunday and we didn’t know what to do. We contacted the Clinic and the veterinarian repaired the stitch that night! They are always there when our animals need them!

Leah F.

We have always had dogs in our family, and currently have a Shih Tzu and a Terrier. Years ago, we had to put one of our dogs down. This was such a difficult time for us, but the veterinarian at Vegreville Veterinary Clinic made things so much easier for us during this tough time. We have great things to say about Vegreville Veterinary Clinic and their compassionate team!

Garry B. (Jade b/w and Izzy b)

We have three rescue dogs in our family, and have been going to Vegreville Veterinary Clinic for about 15 years. They offer phenomenal services and always go “above and beyond”. The team is so personable, and they treat our animals like their own. Our dogs really like going to the Clinic!

Mitch B.

We have dogs and cats and have been going to Vegreville Veterinary Clinic for close to 25 years. One of our Springer Spaniels, Cinder, just passed away. The team at the clinic were so caring and compassionate. They are like family to us, and they have always offered great advice over the years.

Don L.